The Thomas Group, Inc. goal is to provide unsurpassed service and quality products at an exceptional value.
Our Project Managers have the skills and training to meet the ever-changing demand of our Clients and industry.  As always, we will continue to strive towards excellence in all that we do, and maintain a close relationship with Client. We at The Thomas Group, Inc (TGM) realize that our success is dependent on our greatest strength, which is you the Client, the quality of our service and above all safety. To achieve these goals, we address key issues and allow for a consistent volume of success for the district:

We have a demonstrated ability with districts in providing projects on time and within budget through the use of qualified Project Managers, Quality Control Staff, Superintendents and a Design Team.

We believe our QA/QC team should function purely on our Client’s satisfaction. Thus, the provision of a QA/QC team compliant with all applicable codes and regulations that operates independently for the District enabling close monitoring of subcontractor work.

TGM has years of experience in structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for quick response to routine and emergency projects.



TGM will assign a Project Manager with a representative of Clients to perform site visits assigned by Client for work to perform.  During this process, TGM, Client Representative and Engineer if needed will identify scope of work; review plans and mark-up existing drawings if needed and discuss the most appropriate way of performing that particular job.  This process enables our Project Manager, Engineer and Client to identify the most cost effective way to facilitate work.  It also allows for discrepancies if any to be addressed prior to construction.  This process ensures an effective and efficient communication system where information flows freely upward, downward and laterally. 

Our Project Managers will work closely with Client to ensure issues are promptly captured and appropriate actions taken to secure the safety of children and faculty. 

TGM has a wealth of experience in Community Outreach. We understand the needed effort in assisting with keeping parents and neighborhood informed of progress or issues in their areas. With our collaboration, we can centralize our efforts throughout the district, capture the various community issues and provide service and outreach for areas in need.  



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Our Project Managers ensuring scopes of work are performed in accordance with Clients specifications. Documentation of every process is reported and sent to our clients to assure that all schedules are met and an excellent product is delivered. 

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